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    Best Electric Shower

    Looking for the best electric shower?

  • Which Type of Shower Should I Buy?

    There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing between an electric, digital, power or mixer shower. The things you need to take into account are:

    • Your boiler type
    • Your water pressure (ask a plumber if you're not sure about this)
    • Whether multiple people use the same water supply at the same time

    To get the right shower for you you'll also have to consider other things, such as how you want the shower to feel and flow. You'll also have to decide on how you want it to look if design is important to you.


    To get the best price, it's always best to check on websites such as Amazon, as they often have much better prices than local retailers.


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  • Types of Electric Shower

    Electric Shower

    Pros: Only need a cold water supply, you don't pay to heat water that isn't used, cheaper to buy than other types of shower, works if your boiler breaks down


    Cons: Can have a weaker flow than other types of shower, limescale build-up


    Power Shower

    Pros: Easier than getting a separate pump for mixer shower, good flow even with low water pressure


    Cons: Can be a bit expensive, use more water than other types of shower

    Mixer Shower

    Pros: High flow, great heat control


    Cons: Getting the right shower for your water system can be difficult, only able to work with combi boilers and immersion heaters

    Digital Shower

    Pros: Can get them in many different shower types (electric, mixer, etc), great temperature control, great designs, control panel with lots of different features


    Cons: Expensive

  • About Electric Showers

    An electric shower only heats the water as it runs, which means you only need to have a cold water supply to have a shower and do not have to heat the water before using it. This is great for reducing your energy bills due to the fact that no water is unnecessarily heated. This is also great because if your boiler breaks you can still have a nice hot shower!


    The downside to electric showers is that they do tend to have a weaker flow in comparison to mixer showers and power showers, although you can get electric showers with an integral pump to help combat this issue. Limescale build-up is also a common problem with electric showers and is something you also need to watch out for and keep on top of.


    The best electric showers have power that is generally in the range of 8.5 kW and 10.8 kW - the higher the value is, the higher the power is. You should always aim to get your shower installed by a professional as well.


    With normal electric showers, the water will often get incredibly hot if the cold water is being used elsewhere, so getting a thermostatic electric shower is a good idea if this is the case in your house. Thermostatic electric showers can control the temperature of the water to within around 1-2 degrees of what you require.


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  • Best Electric Shower Brands

    To have an electric shower you only need a cold water supply, which is great because it helps you to keep your bills down and is also extremely hand if your boiler breaks down because you can still have a nice hot shower.


    To help you choose the best electric shower for you and your bathroom, we surveyed over 2,000 people and questioned them about their experiences and found that Triton, Mira, Aqualisa and Gainsborough were the best electric shower brands.


    Below we have added shortcut links to each brand on Amazon, where you will be able to find out more information about the particular showers from each brand that suit your price-range. This will allow you to find the best electric shower for you.


    Triton Electric Showers on Amazon

    Mira Electric Showers on Amazon

    Aqualisa Electric Showers on Amazon

    Gainsborough Electric Showers on Amazon

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